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'Make You Feel My Love' by Bob Dylan - The Voice Audition with Parijita Bastola

It was an incredibly moving performance you don’t want to miss. During season 22 of The Voice, Parijita set the bar high even though she performed under pressure as an “Instant Save during Live Eliminations” on the show.

Dressed in an elegant Nepalese dress, she wowed the audience and all four judges with her performance. Parijta came on the show as a 17-year-old who dreamed of becoming a professional singer. She chose to be on Team Legend, and the partnership is showcased by the passion she pours into her music. 

What a perfect song to showcase her incredible talent. Parijta’s voice is like no other, and hearing her perform is like no other. Her passion and vocals leave you in awe. Unfortunately, she was eliminated from the competition, which left the audience and fans of the show stunned. 

But with her kind of God-given talent, we know God has more plans in store for her. After the elimination, she took to her Instagram to share her feelings. 

She wrote, “I am so proud of myself. Top 8 is what I had imagined and more! Having to sing for the instant is an unexplainable terrifying moment, but right before I started singing “make you feel my love” I saw every version of myself on the show.” What a beautiful and insightful perspective. 

She added, “I remembered the people I love and met. I got to see some of them in the crowd. I felt at peace. And I truly am. the outcome may not have been what I imagined. But I am incredibly proud of my friends and I.”

Who can’t wait to see where she will perform next?

This content originally appeared at; used with permission. 

Photo credit: ©GodTube


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