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4 Things You Should Know about Camp Hideout

Camp Hideoutis an impressive "first film" from Called Higher Studios, which offers audiences a rare treat: a live-action, family-friendly PG comedy. Too often, family films in the comedy genre include elements -- coarse language and sexual innuendo, for example -- that have parents diving for the remote. There is none of that in Camp Hideout.

7 Best Christian Movies on Netflix

Netflix is known for its binge-worthy dramas and its massive library of content.Although much of that library includes titles that aren't "safe for the whole family," some of it is. In fact, many titles within Netflix's service are not only family-friendly but also inspiring and faith-centric.The bests of this bunch are notable not only for their excellent scripts but also for their top-notch acting. These movies – we'll call them "Christian" due to their Christ-centric content – are worthy of consideration when you want a pick-me-up.Here are the seven best Christian movies on Netflix:Photo courtesy: David Balev/Unsplash

10 Classic Moses Movies You Should See

The story of Moses is one of the Bible’s easiest stories to adapt because it has everything people look for in a good story. Action. Drama. Sorrow. Romance. Tragedy. Heroism. Also, the story of Moses holds all these elements together in a compact package which translates easily to a feature film or short cartoon.Consequently, it’s not surprising that the story of Moses has been made into movies numerous times. At least as early as 1905, filmmakers were adapting scenes of his story to film. The story has been told as everything from a costume drama (most recently, the 2014 film Exodus: Gods and Kings) to a modern-day retelling (for example, the 2007 film Exodus). Here are 10 Moses movies that tell the story for different audiences and in different styles, each worth exploring.Editor's Note: These movies' inclusion in this article does not mean endorses the companies who produce the movies, or any dramatic license taken with the material. Readers are encouraged to research the movies for their own conclusions.Photo Credit: Getty Images/kevron2001

4 Things to Know about The Hill, the Faith-Based Baseball Film Starring Dennis Quaid

Rickey is a young boy with an upbeat outlook, a strong faith and an uncanny ability to hit a baseball out of the park. He's also a boy with a degenerative spinal disease and leg braces. Even so, Rickey dreams of playing professional baseball someday alongside the diamond greats of the day, including his favorite player, Mickey Mantle. After all, Rickey can hit a rock – a rock! – some 200 feet using only a stick.His family and friends, though, aren't so optimistic about his dreams.The new faith-based movie The Hill (PG) tells the story of Rickey Hill, a boy who grew up in the bone-dry fields of rural Texas and overcame long odds to try out for the Major Leagues.Here are four things you should know about it:

8 New Christian Movies We Can't Wait to Watch

For fans of faith-based movies, the next few months promise to be busy … and inspiring.At least eight new faith-centric movies are scheduled to hit theaters prior to Christmas, including one by the producers of Jesus Revolution, one by the studio that released Sound of Freedom and one that tells the backstory of Duck Dynasty.If you enjoy musicals, there’s one in that genre, too. And if you just need a kid-friendly, goofy movie to make you laugh, there’s also one in that category.The back half of 2023 promises to be one of the busiest in recent memory.Here are eight new Christian movies we can’t wait to watch:Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Ridofranz

7 Great Family Movies Streaming in August

August is that time each year when children go back to school, sports fans gear up for football season, and parents around the country get ready for jam-packed calendars.It’s the time we buy school supplies, snap “back-to-school” pictures and begin our weekly race to sports practice.Of course, families still need to set aside a little family time during this frantic season. Fortunately, the leading streaming services have plenty to offer this month for a family movie night. Netflix has several good options. Pure Flix and Great American Family do, too.Here are seven great family movies streaming this month:Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Monkey Business Images

3 Things to Know about The Hiding Place, the 2023 Film Based on the Stage Play

Corrie is a brave Christian woman living in Nazi-occupied Netherlands in 1940.Corrie and her family are members of the Dutch Reformed Church, which opposes the Nazi’s march across Europe and its persecution and rounding up of Jewish people.And now, Corrie and her family are facing a dilemma: Should they tell the Nazi officials everything they know about their Jewish friends and neighbors? Or should they hide and even lie about the Jews in order to protect them?The new movieThe Hiding Placetells the true story of Corrie and her family, who risked everything to protect Jewish refugees from the Holocaust.Here are three things you should know about the film:

The 7 Best Family Movies Streaming in July

Let’s be honest. Swimming during the summer months is fun, but you can’t stay in the pool 24/7. The same goes with food: watermelons, tomatoes and grilled burgers are delicious in the shade, but every now and then, you need an indoor break.Here’s the good news: The major streaming services have plenty to offer during July. Netflix is releasing a faith-based hit. Great American Family and Pure Flix are launching several new titles. And Disney Plus is releasing Season 3 of a popular children’s series.Here are the seven best movies and television series streaming in July:Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Vadimguzhva

Why I Refuse to See Oppenheimer—And You Should, Too

Jesus was clear: “Everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28). The same is true for women who look lustfully at men. According to Jesus, Oppenheimercaused millions of people to commit adultery over the weekend.Once again, scientific research substantiates his point. Studies conclusively show that viewing pornography (which is what the sex scenes in Oppenheimer constitute) changes our brains in damaging ways, quickly leads to stress, addiction, and escalating behavior, fuels mental illness, and negatively impacts love, marriage, and intimacy.

5 Themes in Barbie That Will Surprise You

After leaving the movie, I am left no longer the bright-eyed child version of myself that walked in full of hope and wonder but the grounded adult woman who still loves and adores the toy but is very aware of the reality of this world. The new Barbie movie seeks to speak to the reality of living as a woman in this world rather than to the child within each of us.

4 Things Parents Should Know about Barbie

Barbie is a perfect woman living in a perfect world. She wears the latest fashion. She drives the nicest cars. All the other women want to be her. All the men want to be around her.Everywhere she goes in her city – Barbie Land – people wave and smile in admiration.Soon, though, Barbie's life is rocked by "tragedy." She develops flat feet. She grows cellulite. She even begins having thoughts of – aghast – death!Barbie needs help. And thanks to wise advice from someone in her town, she has a plan. She'll cross over the space-time continuum into the real world, where she'll find her human owner – a girl – and learn what's troubling her. As the theory goes: The young girl's negative thoughts are negatively affecting Barbie. If Barbie can emotionally heal her owner, then Barbie, too, will be fixed. Will Barbie's plan work?Here are four things parents should know:

8 Great Christian Movies on Netflix

In recent years there's been a shift from cable and DVDs to digital streaming services, with the front-runner being Netflix. Netflix has now accumulated tens of millions of subscribers world-wide. The content ranges from movies both new and old, current television shows including reboots like Fuller House, older shows like Andy Griffith, educational documentaries, and entire kid-friendly channels. Netflix has also gained a reputation for producing original adult-oriented content – Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, for example – but it surprisingly has also built an impressive library of Christian films you can enjoy with friends or family. From romantic comedies to animated films to Bible-based series, there’s something for every Christian in Netflix’s collection. Here are eight of the best ones: Photo Courtesy: Facebook

4 Things You Should Know about Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Henry is a gray-haired, semi-retired college archaeology professor who is losing patience with the world in 1969 America.But then, a young woman enters his life. She's optimistic like he once was. And determined. She also has a passion for archaeology.In her view, "Dr. Jones" is a hero of the archaeological world, and she needs his help.The new film Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (PG-13) follows the worldwide quest of Indiana and Helena as they try to find the dial before the Nazis do. It stars Harrison Ford in the lead role.Here are four things you should know:

4 Things You Should Know about Sound of Freedom

Tim is a federal agent who has a passion for justice, for righteousness and for rescuing the innocent.On the surface, his goals aren’t all that different from his fellow agents at the Department of Homeland Security. They, too, want to see an end to human sex trafficking. They, too, are fighting to save children. Tim, though, wants to push the legal envelope. He wants to battle sex traffickers not only inside the U.S. – the legal boundaries of his government employer – but in other countries, too.The new movie Sound of Freedom (PG-13) follows the story of Tim. It is being distributed by Angel Studios and stars Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ, Infidel) in the lead role.Here are four things you should know:

10 Christian Movies You Can Watch for Free Right Now

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry is a film adapted from true events. The dialogue is simple yet profound in telling the story of how an elderly man, Jonathan Sperry, mentors three young boys with his wisdom and faith during a challenging time in their lives. It’s a great Christian Family Movie and a story that will continue to be cherished for years to come.

12 Patriotic Movies and Shows That Will Inspire and Motivate You

Movies about World War II are popular in Hollywood. But movies about the Revolutionary War? Not so much.It seems films about America’s founding are few and far between — especially on the big screen.That’s OK, though, because Americans can celebrate their history and feel a sense of patriotism by watching movies set in other times, including the 1800s and 1900s.Some films in this category will make you want to sing, while others are reminders of the heroes who challenged America to live up to the ideals found in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. All, though, are inspiring.Several titles include rough content that can be cleaned up for families with services such as ClearPlay, VidAngel or Vudu.Here, then, are 12 patriotic movies and television series that will make you proud to be an American.Photo courtesy: ©Paramount

The 7 Best Family Movies Streaming in June

It’s sweltering outside – so hot that several cities in Texas and Florida recently set heat records. (Laredo, Texas, reached 115!)Sure, you can sit in the shade and swim in the pool, but every now and then, you may want to sip on an ice-cold lemonade as you relax in front of the TV.Fortunately, the top streaming services have plenty to offer families in June. An animated blockbuster film launches on home video. A nature series debuts its second season. A faith-based film about a Christian boxer/kitchen grill entrepreneur hits the home video market.Here are the seven best family movies streaming in June:Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Geber86

4 Things Parents Should Know about Pixar's Elemental

Ember is a feisty young woman with a positive attitude, a drive to succeed and a quick temper that often gets in the way. When Ember gets angry, she blows up. Literally.That’s because Ember is literally made of fire and resides with her fiery family in Element City, where the other elemental citizens live.Ember works for her father in a family-owned store that sells the necessary items you need if you’re made of fire.Unfortunately for Ember, her short fuse can be a problem in customer relations. One day, she wisely walks away from an argument, only to explode (literally) in the basement, causing widespread damage and – aghast – water damage from the sprinklers.That’s when she bumps into Wade, a member of the water element community who is a city inspector. He’s her polar opposite – patient and empathetic. He also cries … a lot.Despite their differences, they quickly hit it off.Can a woman who is made of fire and a man who is composed of water find romance?

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