8 Ways the Bible and Jesus Warn about Debt

Jesus talked about debt, and what he said about it was not a side message, it was a major theme. And why should debt not be one of the themes of Jesus? After all, there's good reason to believe that the theme goes back as far as the Garden of Eden…

What Is Tithing and Do I Have to Do It?

You don’t have to tithe. God isn’t a tax collector, nor does He demand your obedience. God loves you so much He gives you the choice. But why wouldn’t you want to give back to Him?

10 Signs You Actually Love Money Too Much

The love of money is a heart problem. It is a choice to pursue wealth for sheer luxury or selfish consumption instead of looking at life from a biblical, eternal perspective and accumulating money and resources as a powerful tool to bring glory to the Lord. There’s a fine line of difference sometimes, but here are 10 signs you might love money.


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