6 Things a Godly Dad Does

The words of Paul in Ephesians 6 remind Christian fathers that our parenting has a great end towards which we must aim.

Fighting Guilt as a Homeschool Mom: Using Our Gifts While Choosing Our Children

It sounds incomprehensible to the world, to think of a mother who would keep her children at home to instruct them at all. Why would any mother put herself through that when she could drop her child off with someone else while she runs errands, goes to the gym, freelances her skills in front of a laptop, or works for a boss to make him richer? Why would she relinquish the quiet in her home for the noisy steps of children in the homeschool?

What's All This Fuss About Unit Studies?

A unit study is a teaching method where you choose a topic and try to accomplish as many academic subjects around that topic as possible. Find out why it is so appealing to many home educators.


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