Christian Marriage Quotes to Know God’s Heart for Marriage

The happy endings of romantic comedies are pretty predicable. A couple meets, inevitably runs into a snag of misunderstanding, almost misses their chance for true love, and then happily ends up together in the end. But what would happen if we allow the Bible to form our understanding of what marriage is meant to be?

How to Know if You Expect Too Much from a Relationship

When I was a teenager, I daydreamed about what it would be like to have someone special to care for and hold. Although I wouldn't admit it, every boy that caught my eye was a spectacle for examination. To this day, I am thankful that the Lord saved me from countless heartbreaks and held my heart until the right guy came along and pursued me first.

12 Traits of an Abusive Relationship

It is crucial to note that when verbal abuse is tolerated by the victim, it frequently escalates into punching walls, throwing objects, and eventually physical abuse. Ignoring verbal abuse isn’t love; It’s dangerous and toxic.

10 Reasons Keeping Score Is So Dangerous for a Marriage

Often score-keeping spouses justify keeping track of their spouse’s wrongdoings because of past hurts, wounds, and disappointments they’ve endured in the relationship. But keeping score can cause irreparable damage to a marriage. Here are 10 reasons why keeping score is so dangerous.


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