10 Signs You Might Be Legalistic

Galatians 5 doesn’t mince words when it comes to legalism. It happens when we get so tied to the letter of the law that we forget to incorporate God’s love, mercy, and grace. It’s far too easy to let legalistic thoughts slip into my mind. Even a tiny little bit of that destructive yeast can spread through the entire batch of dough.

10 Ways to Amp Up Your Prayer Life

As essential as we know prayer to be, we may still struggle to pursue the vibrant prayer life which we recognize we need. Sometimes we can all use a little fresh inspiration to pray, whether we’re seasoned prayer warriors or new “spiritual cadets.” On that note, here are 10 ways to amp up your prayer life.

8 Reasons I'm So Glad I'm Not Married

I want to speak up for singles who love where we are in life. People are single for a multitude of reasons, so I can only speak for myself, but I consider it a major blessing that I’m not married, and here are 8 reasons why.

10 Things God’s Voice Will Never Say to You

When I was a new Christian, hearing and knowing God’s voice were the two things I struggled the most with. We can grow to learn and discern God’s voice by studying the Holy Scriptures, praying, and asking God to teach us. To help us more correctly discern His voice, here are ten things God’s voice will never say to us.


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