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7 Ways to Not Be Bitter in Life

When given a chance, bitterness grows like weeds in a garden. I don’t purposely plant them, but they grow and can take over swiftly. I must pull them up by the root to get rid of them. Certain attitudes bring on bitterness just as quickly as those old weeds in my garden.

Can a Drug Dealer Be a Christian?

When a convicted criminal professes faith, society regards this person with skepticism. Is it possible for a drug dealer to truly be saved? Can a person earn salvation by being essentially good? Here are six critical truths to consider.

How to Lean Into Grace When Someone You Admire Abandons the Faith

Joshua Harris announces on Instagram that he no longer considers himself a Christian. Evangelical songwriter Marty Sampson now says the same. The Internet is atwitter on all of it: from atheists, to Christians, and everyone in between. Here’s how to think about it in the light of grace.

How to Experience the Blessing of Community: Shalom

Shalom is commonly understood to mean “peace” or “health” or “prosperity.” It carries within it the idea of completeness. Cornelius Plantinga writes that the word shalom is “the webbing together of God, humans, and all creation in justice, fulfillment and delight.” Shalom is the vision of community; it is what community strives to be.

How to Be Kind in a Society of Disagreement

Ever found yourself smack in the middle of a heated disagreement? It happens. We see differences of opinion concerning politics, celebrities, biblical interpretation, pastors, marriage and other areas embroiling friends and family, churning inside the church, displayed on television, and even unfolding on social media feeds. But how do we remain kind when disagreeing?

9 Signs That God Is Opening a Door

Have you ever wondered whether God was opening a door or if something was merely the enemy teasing you with a fresh “opportunity”? Though the opportunity may look “good on paper,” it is simply not meant for you at this moment in your life. Through it all, I have learned to recognize several pointers that reveal God’s will for His children:

What Is Lust? 4 Ways to Avoid Falling into This Sin

God’s design for sexuality was intended for one woman and one man within the bonds of marriage. It was His desire all along for sexual intimacy to be shared and enjoyed within marriage, and that has not changed. Yet, our culture has hijacked God’s intention for sexuality and turned much of this desire into a lust issue.

4 Ways Shallow Relationships Are Damaging the Church

To be the church that Christ wants us to be, we must know each other on a deeper level. Only then can we begin to function in unity and accountability—the model given by God to impact not only us but also the community around us.


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