Drinking The Cup You Are Served

Drinking The Cup You Are Served

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Bad things happen in this world, and no one is immune, even you. The cup of life you are served can be suddenly spilled or shattered. Then what? Ordinary parts of life can change in an instant. Someone you love can die or suffer a life-altering accident. You find yourself in the middle of a divorce you never wanted. Or maybe you lost your job and income, your home, or your health. The beauty, peace, and quiet you seek in life can be gone in a heartbeat. When that happens, as it inevitably does, how do you go on? In "Drinking the Cup You Are Served, author Connie Hagen tells her own true story of how life crashed around her. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. Cruelly. Even as a licensed counselor, Connie faced terrible circumstances over which she seemingly had no control. It was devastating. However, as Connie slowly moved through weeks, months, and years of struggle, she discovered practical, workable steps she could take to live fully and freely again . . . beyond any horrible circumstance. These are things you can do, too, to move forward in the wake of tragedy or trouble. This book will walk you through these important steps, helping you to find peace, hope, and joy again.



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