Anh & Kathleen Le

Awakening the Nations, as the title suggests, is about seeing an awakening happen–awakening individuals, awakening churches, awakening cities, awakening the whole world for a massive harvest of souls into the Kingdom of Heaven.  How?  By telling people about Jesus.  The bible says, “Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life”.  That scripture sounds like awakening.  When you experience the truth, you will have evidence of life.  The Father God desires that the life and death of Jesus Christ be awakened in every individual across the globe.

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When Evangelist Anh Le was 19, he had a vision from God. Anh had just accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior and was standing in front of a huge army of people, moving together in ranks. One peculiar thing about that army is that they were all on fire, like bodies on fire, moving with one accord. When he woke up, Anh understood that the Lord wants to unite the body of Christ to truly defeat Satan’s hold on the lost people of this world. Being lukewarm and divided will not do it. We believe that God is going to awaken His bride who is still on this earth with a Holy breath of the Fire of the Holy Spirit!



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