Michael Horton and Shane Rosenthal

In the late 1980s, Michael Horton (host of White Horse Inn and editor in chief of Modern Reformation) began an organization called Christians United for Reformation (CURE). CURE’s purpose was to remind American evangelicals of their biblical roots and the rich faith and practice recovered during the Protestant Reformation that had been largely abandoned in the mad dash to relevance. CURE didn’t represent just one denomination, but tried to include as many different Reformation voices in the conversation as possible. More than a ministry of one man or congregation, CURE drew on the wisdom of many to identify and correct the problems that plagued evangelical and Reformational churches, alike. One of the first efforts to broaden their influence came in 1990 with the launch of the weekly radio broadcast, White Horse Inn, with hosts Michael Horton and Shane Rosenthal. [For more on why we chose the name White Horse Inn, click here.] In 1992, the organization began publishing a magazine, Modern Reformation, to apply timeless Christian doctrines to the questions of the day.



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